1 down 3 to go

1 down 3 to go

So the first week has flown over, and I’m back in the groove again, although we have had a bout of flu running through the cast this week and so running orders and cast line ups are changing daily! 

If as usual I’m 2nd on in the second half, I never normally come over to the dressing rooms until the show has started, if like what happened last week, I had done the same, I would have been late to go on as they out me on first as the opening act due to a cast members illness! I have to say, I only found out very late that evening and could have so easily missed it! 

I’ve 3 more weeks to go till I’m back home, I do miss it I must say, but needs must and we all have to make a living and this is the only way I know how, so big smile 😃 and put your stage face on! 

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