Summer is upon us!

Summer is upon us!


So the nice weather is coming and the summer holidays are almost upon us! Unless I’m working abroad, maybe on a cruise or for the likes of Thomson holidays in there gold resorts, or on the Island Escape, then work at home becomes very hard to come by! I think it’s a summer thing, people go on holiday with their families and so venues are reluctant to book a show in case they can’t sell them,  and the last thing I need is a cancellation a few days before the gig as I’ll have no chance of filling it again! It’s happened so many times in the past, the week of the gig I get a call from an agent saying they couldn’t fill the venue so it’s cancelled and then that puts the agent in a position because I will ask for compensation and the agent who has built up a good working relationship with the venue has to ask for my fee from the venue without me doing the gig!

I try and be reasonable, so if the venue says that they will put in another date instead of paying a cancellation fee, I have said yes, but so many times that date doesn’t materialise and I take it on the chin again, that’s why I will always ask for a cancellation fee now and let the agent deal with it with the venue, that’s their responsibility because when I do eventually get that fee the agent takes their cut from it

That said, I will always look for a fair and reasonable outcome because I don’t want to have a bad working relationship with anyone, venue or agent!

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