Back to Berlin for Feb

Back to Berlin for Feb

Today I’m on my way back to Stars in Concert, I only finished my last contract on Dec 28th so it’s like I’ve not been away! I’ll be working with an Amy Winehouse, Joe Cocker, Madonna, Blues Bros, Rod Stewart and an Elvis, I know all of them very well as we’ve worked together over the last 4 years, except the Elvis, his name is Dean Zee, check him out on YouTube, his forte is the younger Elvis and he is very very good, our normal Elvis, Graham Patrick is off doing an 80 day tour of Germany and Holland and so as well as working for Stars in Concert, Dean will be his understudy in case he get ill. 

I’ll have to get used to living in a hotel again, sounds great but I can assure you it can get a bit tedious as you spend a lot of time in your room by yourself, I miss home and the people I love, so I take my lap top and I have the new TV black box programme installed so I can stream all live sports and films and that’s normally what I do to pass the time, as well as going to the gym for an hour a day trying to stay fit. We all have a little kitchenette in our rooms that have a microwave, coffee maker and kettle and if your not careful you can put the pounds in by eating the wrong stuff, then again it’s probably healthier than the kebabs they do outside the hotel! 

I’ll keep in touch and let you all know how my Tom Jones tribute is going on in the show, my first is tonight so it’s straight to work when I arrive later! 

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