Stars in Blackpool

Well, we came to the Central Pier Blackpool for the 3 days over the Easter weekend Fri to Sun.  The show was sooooo strong it’s scary.  We had Tina Turner opening then me, Madonna, Sting with Rod Stewart closing the first half, then we had Marylin Monroe opening the 2nd half, then Donna Summer, Me, Sting, Madonna and Rod Stewart closing, and we all did a group song in the first half.  Seriously, when we come back through the summer, you have to go and see it.  We did’nt know up until 2 weeks before if it was on, so there was no promotion for our show, this was reflected in the numbers of people who came through the door, but everyone of them who did come had also been to see the Legends show which is an established show in Blackpool and the concensus of everyone was that they won’t be able to live with our show!  I have to say, that I’ve seen some dirty tricks in my time but the best ever was a lady holding a cardboard sign outside our box office which read ‘ this isn’t legends, we have moved to the sands’ it was the most cringeworthy embarrassing thing anyone who has a little bit of respect left can do, cause all it means is that you really are worried about us… You’ve got every right to be… I’ve just seen the running order for the summer, we’ve got the best Las Vegas have to offer as well as from Stars in Concert Berlin, we also have twice as many performers on anyone show, who just do who they do, very well!

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