Its been a long time!

Its been a long time!

Wow, I can’t believe how long its been since I last put a blog on my web site, its over 3 years! A lot has happened since, which I will go in to a bit later but first, I want to say a big thank you to my mate Mike Powell who has sorted all the issues out on my web site, such a clever guy as well as being one of the best singers I know, (If you ever hear him doing Scott Walker or Michael Buble then you’ll know what I mean) visit his web site on

I am of course still working as TJ, probably more than ever right now but not in the UK.  I now live in Dublin city centre, Stephens Green to be exact, and its not a bad place to up sticks and move to, with everything right on your door step, and that includes venues to sing in.  The closest being Harrys on the Green, its probably 200 metres away from my door step right in the heart of the city.

Are there any differences from working here than at home? my god, you bet there are!  Most of my work in the UK was corporate events, I could be on from 10pm till 11pm but would have to arrive and set up before 6pm so there was a lot of waiting round time, here, the gigs normally are from 10:30pm and as long as you arrive 30 mins beforehand then no one bats an eye lid.  then there the actual gigging time, so at home you either get a 60 min spot or 2 X 45 min spots, here its a 2 hour set and some wont let you take a break either, which as its TJ its very, very hard to do 3 nights a week.  The money here is also a lot lower, that’s because the venues are more pub restaurant style rather than theatre or party venue and of course the Irish love their own voices and so most venue employ karaoke, where the singer does a 45 min set him/herself and then the rest of the night is getting every one else up to sing.

That said, I do love it here and I have made it my home, I do travel back to the UK throughout the year to do certain shows and so you may be able to catch one in the not to distant future.  I have not cut my ties with Germany either and will hopefully be returning soon to Stars in Concert!



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