Laughing Stock

Working in one of the top tribute shows in Europe, Stars in Concert Berlin, speaks for itself. I work with lots of tributes from around the world, all top of their game, from Las Vegas to Belgium to Canada and Germany. The one thing that they all say is that the UK has ruined the tribute scene for everyone because every singer in the UK believes they can be a tribute to someone! Lets be honest about this, how many Michael Buble tribs are there? Bloody thousands! It seems that every singer who switched to the swing scene a few years ago is now a Buble trib, come on, get a grip, I can tell you now, there are a few really good Buble tribs, like Mike Powell but you can count them on one hand! Even my own trib Tom Jones, just Google it and there will be over 20 different TJ’s! It’s a joke, some of them are absolutely rubbish, it’s laughable, there are some really good ones and they know who they are, the problem is the public don’t and they book these so called Doppellgangers and most of them sound nothing like him, don’t look like him, don’t move like him, or copy mannerisms, don’t talk like him, and most definitely hit the notes like him, the nearest they are to him is that they can remember the words to his songs. Who is at fault then, is it the agents who book them because they are a lot cheaper than the established tribs? Maybe, the thing is, I would be so disappointed if I booked some of these so called professionals, maybe I’ve just hit the nail on the head there, not many pros left in this business.

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  • Mike Powell
    Posted at 15:28h, 11 May Reply

    Thanks for the mention Dan.. It’s a volatile game of google rankings now instead of how professional or brilliant we are.. Everyone’s the ‘No1’ or UK’s, Europe’s or the World’s best but to who and by what measure? Does anyone actually believe this anyway or give a shit? After all, even shit tribs can have top google hits. What counts is that people watch and listen and know class when they see and hear it.. Hopefully google will eventually recognised that!

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