One down 30 to go

One down 30 to go

So yesterday was my first show back and it was good to get it out of the way, it’s like blowing the cob webs off and getting back into the swing of a production performance. Unlike doing a gig at home where I’ll always sing the full version of Tom Jones songs, here they are all edited to shorter versions and it’s so easy to forget where the edits are, and as some of the numbers are production with dancers it throws it all out of sync if you get it wrong, luckily everything was fine! 

We have a new Elvis, Dean Zee, he plays the young Elvis, 68 comeback style and he does an impromptu segment where he plays the guitar and the band jam with him to any song that the audience request, it’s really refreshing as all the other Elvis tribs I’ve worked with have just been the white jump suit ones! 

So tonight I have 2 shows, the first is a solo gig for 70 private clients of the hotel at 7pm then our main show starts at 8:30pm so I’ll be exhausted by the end of the night, at least I’ll sleep well. 

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