The 4 types of tribute

The 4 types of tribute

Having been involved in tribute shows at home and abroad for many years, I’ve come to realise that there are 4 types of tribute act. The first is the one who looks like the artiste that they are copying, they don’t have the greatest voice in the world but they get by on the look, i know some brilliant tributes like this and take my hat off to them, the second is the sound alike, a bit like me, i don’t consider myself the best Tom Jones Tribute in the world but close your eyes and you can picture the original artiste, they don’t resemble that person so they do all they can to alter their look, copying movement and certain distinctive mannerisms to give the audience a chance to see the original in that act, there’s the third, who doesn’t look or sound anything like that person but wants to be a tribute cause they think it’s easy money and someone commented once that they sounded like a certain entertainer, and then there’s the fourth, who amazingly look and sound like the person they are taking off and totally blow me away. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the greatest tributes in the world, from the US, Canada, Hawaii, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Ireland.

The one thing they all agree on, is that the UK is killing the industry! Everyone wants to be a trib, whether its a Tom Jones Tribute or Michael Buble or whoever We all write our own web sites and I’ve noticed that most of the Tom Jones Tributes say that they’re the number one tribute in the world, like the people reading that shit don’t know that you’ve written it yourself? When I won that ultimate tribute comp in 2012 and put it on my web site, I got all kinds of stick from anonymous tributes, in fact they were all Tom Jones Tributes upset that I used the competition and their logo to promote myself and I said to them that I haven’t made this up, I did win it and that’s that, don’t knock me for using it for god sake, and then I looked on their web sites and they call themselves the number one Tom Jones Tribute in the world? It’s so egotistical and embarrassing to write that shit about yourself when the only one who believes it is you! Haha, you can’t all be the best so why say it? I’ve never said it, and I leave it open for others to decide if thats what they want to do, the thing is though, there are so many right now, when I started off, there was about 5 Tom Jones Tributes, now there must be over 20? It’s total strangulation, like I said, my overseas colleagues think the UK is a joke as we, being agents and promoters allow so many wannabe’s in to the industry and in the end, it will kill it, thats for sure, and those wannabes will be fine cause they still have have their day jobs and the rest of us will be left by the way side.

Not the best Tom Jones Tribute in the world!

The Ultimate Tom Jones Tribute

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