Tom Jones the Voice

Tom Jones the Voice

2 years ago, my daughter Amelia applied for the TV programme The Voice! She was lucky to get through the many prelim auditions and was accepted on to the blind auditions ! What a lot of people dont realise is that the first few rounds are recorded as they begin in November and  then the live shows begin at the end of January. Any way, I always said to her, whoever turns round for you first is the judge to go with as they are the one who really wanted you and of course Tom Jones was the first judge to turn for her followed by Ricky and then Kylie, and right from the start she always wanted to go with Tom Jones, not because of me being a Tom Jones Tribute but because she liked Tom for the big ballads he did and that’s what she loves to sing as well and so he would allow her to sing what she wanted in the later rounds.  For some strange reason which she still can’t believe or understand, she picked Kylie? Maybe it was Kylie’s performance as a judge because if you watched it, it was all about her and she seemed so affected by the whole thing but Amelia knew it was the wrong choice at the time and as it went on,  she was proved right as Kylie went against everything that Amelia wanted, including making her sing in the wrong key to accommodate another contestant in a battle.  Anyway, the blinds are all edited, her audition actually aster half an hour but you only see 10 mins on the telly and when  they were all trying to get her to choose them she asked Tom Jones a question that had been in my mind for years and that is why they put a fade out ending on I’m Coming Home?  It’s always confused me because Tom always puts big notes at the end of all his ballads like Never Fall In Love, Without Love, I who have Nothing, yet I’m coming Home just fades out without anything? He told her that they wanted to put one on it but they could t get hold of the songwriter to sort it and it had to go out the next day so the producer made the decision to put a fade out on it instead?  How weird is it  in this day and age of technology with computers mobiles, emails, and yet in those days when you were out, you were out! 

  • Betty Sung on Facebook
    Posted at 12:02h, 03 March Reply

    Amelia a star an she always b a Star….x

  • Paul Abbott on Facebook
    Posted at 11:50h, 03 March Reply

    its a load of old crap pal thats why i havent bothed with it yet

  • Andrew Bolster on Facebook
    Posted at 10:44h, 03 March Reply

    Hello Danny
    I totally agree with you, I would never have chosen Kylie, nice girl but she doesn’t actually know anything about the acts unlike Tom and Will..
    She let all her best acts go and kept the bad ones for the finals, probably politics, maybe she was tools too for the good of the program??
    As they do on XFactor, not that I watch it, utter nonsence!!

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